Former Members


Cat D'Hennezel ('21) 

I majored in Biology and Psychology while at Wellesley College. I currently work as a Research Technician II in the Infectious Disease and Microbiome Program in the Xavier Lab at the Broad Institute. I'm working on isolating and purifying tissue microbial strains collected from patients with inflammatory bowel disease. 


Danielle Peterson ('20)

At Wellesley, I majored in biological sciences and minored in statistics. My senior thesis compared the efficacy of 16S and metagenomic sequencing in analyzing infant and child microbiomes investigating the role of various environmental factors on the development of children’s gut microbiota and cognitive development. I am currently working as a Data Scientist at Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research in Cambridge, MA. 



Anna Farrell-Sherman ('19)

I studied microbial communities and the algorithms we use to understand them as a Computer Science Major. I began working in the VKC Lab during my sophomore year at Wellesley, studying anerobic manganese oxidation in Fayetteville Green Lake, NY. I wrote my senior honors thesis on how to apply machine learning algorithms for the differentiation of protein functions. Outside of lab, I love to rock climb, cook, read, and play outside!



Alexa Rodriguez ('17)

In August I will start my MD program at USC's Keck School of Medicine.



Michaella Montana ('16)

I am at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, where I hope to specialize in family medicine and become a holistic country doctor/healer.



Rebecca Rubinstein ('15)

I'm about to begin the MD/PhD program at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill after working as a Zika Epidemiologist for Harris County Public Health for a year and receiving my MPH at University of Texas Medical Branch.



Jacquelyn Cai ('22)

I am a neuroscience and computer science major graduating in 2022. During my time in the lab, I worked with Hannah on summarizing the metadata from the ECHO Project, which helped pique my interest in computation. After college, I hope to pursue software engineering in the healthcare industry. 



Lauren Tso ('20)

As a Biology and Computer Science major at Wellesley, I studied the genomic characterization of the microbe Bifidobacterium longum infantis. I am currently working as a Bioinformatician at Integrated DNA Technologies to improve the analysis of CRISPR editing.



Alyssa Fishbein ('19)

I majored in Biology and minored in Psychology at Wellesley. In lab, I studied the prevalence of Bifidobacterium longum infantis to understand the relationship between the infant gut microbiome and cognition. I am currently a Research Technician at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute studying lung cancer. 


Manjot Nagyal ('17)

I am a research associate at Finch Therapeutics.


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Amelia McClure ('16)

Since graduating, I have pursued different opportunities related to environmental science, climate change resilience, and water resources management. Most recently, I spent a year as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines, working with the local government to develop and implement community-based flood and landslide prevention and preparedness strategies.



Connie Rojas ('14)

I am a Ph. D student in Dr. Kay Holekamp's spotted hyena lab at Michigan State University, working toward a dual degree in the Department of Integrative Biology, and Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior (EEBB).



Nisreen Abo-Sido ('18)

As a researcher with the Lexicon of Sustainability, I am working on interdisciplinary and collaborative projects aimed at involving diverse stakeholders in promoting more sustainable food systems.



Sophie Rowland ('17)

I worked in the VKC Lab for two years as an undergraduate investigating anaerobic microbial manganese oxidation and three years as a research associate investigating the connection between the gut microbiome and brain development on the ECHO project. Since leaving the lab, I am pursuing a career in science writing. Outside of lab, I enjoy baking and singing.



Lisa Luka ('18)

I majored in Biochemistry and graduated in 2018. I worked in the VKC Lab for two years.


Serry Park ('16)

I am currently a software engineer at Slack where I build backend components on the Platform Team.



Amelia Winter ('15)

I am attending the University of Central Florida (UCF) College of Medicine.



Rachel Harris ('14)

I am presently at Princeton University in the Department of Geosciences wrapping up my Ph.D. in geomicrobiology with Tullis Onstott. My dissertation research focuses on exploring temperature and pressure-based thermodynamic extremes of deep biosphere methane cycling, with particular interest investigating under-characterized microbial dark matter for novel methanotrophic lineages.