Former Members

Rachel Harris ('14)

I am presently at Princeton University in the Department of Geosciences wrapping up my Ph.D. in geomicrobiology with Tullis Onstott. My dissertation research focuses on exploring temperature and pressure-based thermodynamic extremes of deep biosphere methane cycling, with particular interest investigating under-characterized microbial dark matter for novel methanotrophic lineages.

Connie Rojas ('14)

I am a Ph. D student in Dr. Kay Holekamp's spotted hyena lab at Michigan State University, working toward a dual degree in the Department of Integrative Biology, and Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior (EEBB).

Rebecca Rubinstein ('15)

I'm about to begin the MD/PhD program at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill after working as a Zika Epidemiologist for Harris County Public Health for a year and receiving my MPH at University of Texas Medical Branch.

Amelia Winter ('15)

I am attending the University of Central Florida (UCF) College of Medicine.

Amelia McClure ('16)

Since graduating, I have pursued different opportunities related to environmental science, climate change resilience, and water resources management. Most recently, I spent a year as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines, working with the local government to develop and implement community-based flood and landslide prevention and preparedness strategies.

Michaella Montana ('16)

I am at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, where I hope to specialize in family medicine and become a holistic country doctor/healer.

Serry Park ('16)

I am currently a software engineer at Slack where I build backend components on the Platform Team.

Alexa Rodriguez ('17)

In August I will start my MD program at USC's Keck School of Medicine.

Manjot Nagyal ('17)

I am a research associate at Finch Therapeutics.

Lisa Luka ('18)

I majored in Biochemistry and graduated in 2018. I worked in the VKC Lab for two years.

Alyssa Fishbein ('19)

I majored in Biology and minored in Psychology at Wellesley. In lab, I studied the prevalence of Bifidobacterium longum infantis to understand the relationship between the infant gut microbiome and cognition. I am currently a Research Technician at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute studying lung cancer. 

Anna Farrell-Sherman ('19)

I studied microbial communities and the algorithms we use to understand them as a Computer Science Major. I began working in the VKC Lab during my sophomore year at Wellesley, studying anerobic manganese oxidation in Fayetteville Green Lake, NY. I wrote my senior honors thesis on how to apply machine learning algorithms for the differentiation of protein functions. Outside of lab, I love to rock climb, cook, read, and play outside!

Nisreen Abo-Sido ('18)

As a researcher with the Lexicon of Sustainability, I am working on interdisciplinary and collaborative projects aimed at involving diverse stakeholders in promoting more sustainable food systems.


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